OutStream Video Ads

What is an OutStream Video Ad? Which OutStream formats are allowed by Google? Where to get an OutStream video ad for your site? Let's get you all the answers.

OutStream Video Ads

What is an OutStream Video Ad?

OutStream is a video ad that doesn't require video player to run on the publisher website. OutsStream means outside the stream and the publisher does not require to have any video content in order to run high CPM video ads.

Video ads tend to have much higher CPM than display ads so being able to run video ads without any video content is a great option for many publishers.

There are 2 major types of OutStream video ad formats that are currently accepted by Google:

inRead OutStream Video Ad:

inRead is a type of OutStream video ad that opens within the main content, between paragraphs, as the user scrolls down the page. Once the ad ends, the video unit collapses and disappears from the page.

Here is a sample inRead OutStream Ad (after the 2nd paragraph): HERE

Detach OutStream Video Ad:

Detach OutStream Video Ad is very similar to inRead in which the video ad starts within the main content but once a user scrolls past the video unit, the video ad moves to the bottom corner of the page and sticks there.

Here is a sample Detach OutStream Ad: HERE

By default the Detach unit performs better than the inRead since the unit has higher viewability.

There is also another OutStream video ad format which is called Sticky Video but that unit is against Google policy and is not being offered by major ad networks.

You can find the Google video publisher policy HERE.

Where to get an OutStream video ad for your site?

Ad.Plus offers both the inRead and the Detach OutStream video formats. Our unit is responsive (works across all devices) and brings in premium demands.

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