How To Get Your Own Google Ad Exchange (AdX) Account?

Now you can get your very own Google Ad Exchange (AdX) account inside your Ad Manager account. Even if you are a smaller publisher we can still get your own AdX (no minimum traffic/revenue requirements and you can manage everything yourself within your Ad Manager).

How To Get Your Own Google Ad Exchange (AdX) Account?

As of November 15, 2021, our MCM Manage Account child publishers can enable Ad Exchange for their own Ad Manager account.

Now smaller publishers without an Ad Exchange account can get their very own AdX account. Ad Exchange will be enabled to monetize display and app inventory.

What Are the Advantages of Having Your Own AdX Account?

By having your own AdX account you can access programmatic advertising campaigns and increase the demands and the competition for your inventory resulting in a higher yield.

Having your own Ad Exchange account inside your own Ad Manager gives you freedom, flexibility and transparency. You can set up your own orders and line items and set your AdX to compete with AdSense and/or any other 3rd party networks that you might have in real time.

You can check the reports and track your earnings right inside your Google Ad Manager account (GAM) and get paid directly by Google if needed (between the 21st and the 26th of each month).

How Can I Get My Own AdX If I'm a Smaller Publisher?

Ad.Plus can help you get your very own AdX account, no matter your traffic size or your monthly revenue.

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