What Are The Differences Between Google Ad Manager & Ad Manager 360?

Find all the differences between Google Ad Manager and Ad Manager 360 (GAM vs GAM 360).

What Are The Differences Between Google Ad Manager & Ad Manager 360?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is the most popular ad server and ad management platform which helps Publishers to sell and manage their online ad inventory and campaigns.

There are two types of Google Ad Manager accounts: Ad Manager (the free version), and Ad Manager 360 (the paid version).

What is Google Ad Manager (GAM)?

Google Ad Manager (previously known as DFP or DoubleClick for Publishers) is a free ad management product with a no minimum ad impressions requirement, and it is generally used by small to medium-sized Publishers.

In GAM you are allowed to serve up to 90 million impressions per month to non-video ad units if you are located in the US or Canada. Monthly free impressions limit depends on the geography and you can find the full list here.

What is Google Ad Manager 360 (GAM 360)?

Google Ad Manager 360 is a paid version of GAM for publishers with larger traffic volumes, more complex advertising setups and more advanced needs.

In addition to the basic features available GAM, Google Ad Manager 360 provides a lot of additional and very useful features, such as Open Bidding & Audience Management.

Other GAM 360 features include:

  • CPA, vCPM based campaigns: Ability to run Cost per action & Viewable CPM campaigns.
  • Multi-currency: Ability to sell inventory in more than one currency.
  • Creative Wrappers: Snippets of code that wrap around a
    creative when it's served with publisher-managed creatives.
  • Special Ad Units.
  • 5 Levels of Ad Unit Hierarchy vs 2 leves for the free Ad Manager.
  • Advanced Video Options such as Podding, Dynamic Ad Insertion, etc.
  • Additional Integrations: *Google Analytics 360 Audience & Reporting Integration, *Data Studio Integration, *DMP Integration.
  • Advanced Reporting: *Conversion reporting, *Future sell-through, *Data Protection Report, *Data Transfer log files.

How to get started with Google Ad Manager 360?

Even though the free version of Google Ad Manager is a great solution with many features to support most publishers, there are a few additional benefits of having Google Ad Manager 360.

If you are a publisher with a minimum traffic volume of *90M monthly impressions and require more advanced ad serving and reporting features, GAM 360 is definitely the way to go.

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