What Are Multiplex Ads?

Multiplex ads are content recommendation style native ads, often appear as a grid, but the style and layout can be customized to fit your website.

What Are Multiplex Ads?

Multiplex ads are fully responsive content recommendation style native ads from Google (served inside Google frame). This unit is somehow similar in layout to other native ads such as Taboola and Outbrain but at a higher ad quality and potentially much better performance.

image credit: Google

What are the benefits of Multiplex ads?

  • Ad.Plus is seeing at least 2x higher CPM for Multiplex ads on average than other fixed size display ads.
  • Since these ads are offered by Google, publishers can be sure that high quality ads will be served on their websites, thanks to strict Google policies to maintain ad quality.
  • Multiplex ads layout blends in with the content of the website, They serve as an Async tag and the unit is fully responsive, thereby retaining good user experience.
  • Because these ads are offered by Google, no restrictive contracts are involved (most native ads providers require exclusivity).
  • Google has the largest pool of ad buyers, so publishers don’t need to worry about seeing a blank ad space on their site.
  • Publishers can serve programmatic direct and Open Bidding demands inside these Multiplex native units.

How to get started with Multiplex Native Ads?

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